Gulf Real Estate Company (GRE) - Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The company relies heavily on the working team as one of the main factors to achieve superiority. The Gulf Real Estate Company has outstanding team of executives, managers, advisors, planners and analysts who have vast experiences and extended relations in the field of real estate and business. The capabilities of those prominent figures are one of the assets leading the company to success and predominance in the field of real estate development, researches, financing, investment and projects management.

The team works as per direction from members of the board of directors and executive committee which includes the most brilliant names in the real estate field in the Gulf region.


Abdullah Abdulmohsen Alissa
Abdulwahab Assad Alsanad
Eisa A. Al weggian
Vice Chairman
Badr Meshari
Dr. Bader Ibrahim Bin Saedan
Meshari B. Almethen
Abdulaziz Assad Alsanad

Nasir A.Albadah

Wisam H. Alfreihi 
Abdullah Thamir Alqedaimi



Audit & Risk Committee

 Meshari B. Almethen  Committee Chairman
 Abdulaziz Assad Alsanad  Vice Chairman
 Bashar Ali Abdulrahman  Member

Compensation & Remuneration Committee

 Eisa A. Al weggian  Committee Chairman
 Abdulwahab Assad Alsanad  Member
 Abdullah Thamir Alqedaimi  Member