Real Estate Development & Investments

Real Estate Development & Investments

Our real estate development and investment activities merely focused on Real Estate Buyers, Investors Institutions and Tenants.

Commercial Real Estate Development & Investments

We constantly seek quality real estate development opportunities. Through our real estate development program, we strive to identify, enhance and capture value through development and redevelopment of properties that hold the potential to generate value to our customers and stake holders.
In evaluating potential real estate development projects, we target business sectors that demonstrate strong growth potential supported by fundamental trends and insights in the target market in line with Saudi Arabia vision 2030.

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Residential Real Estate Development & Investments

Residential sector is taking a bounce and leaps in Saudi Arabia and GCC and we recognize the long term growth story inherent in the local residential market, making it a market of strategic priority. Saudi Arabia has set an ambitious target of raising home ownership rates to 70 per cent by 2030.
We have already delivered many residential housing projects and are working to launch a multi-branded housing solution with strong institutional commitment for execution and finished quality. Being a relatively quality starved market, we believe the local residential sector offers promising prospects for a residential brand with a distinct strategy based on quality, value and long-term vision.