Gulf Real Estate Company (GRE) - Overview



2005 The first real estate
closed shareholding company
with a capital of Saudi Kuwaiti Bahraini
in the Saudi Arabia
63 Founders represent the prominent companies, businessmen and Investors in the region.

Founded in 2005 by our renowned investment houses and deep-rooted companies and businessmen in the region, the Gulf Real Estate Company (GRE) is a multi-activity company working in the real estate investment and development, which enable significant competitive advantages in controlling the quality of product and service we create, own or manage. With an elite group of experts and specialists in the field we achieve our businesses from our headquarters in Riyadh, KSA.

Our integrated business model, "being the first real estate closed joint stock company in the KSA, with a paid-up capital of SR 325 million (Saudi, Kuwaiti and Bahraini)", provides exceptional expertise sourcing, financing, designing, developing, marketing, consultations and businesses management. The individuals that comprise our company have a variety of backgrounds, offering tremendous expertise in positioning an asset to achieve the highest values. The depth of knowledge and experience within our team is a true reflection of the reputation and standard of excellence associated with the (GRE) brand.