Nomination to the board of directors of Gulf Real Estate Company is now open

Nomination to the board of directors of Gulf Real Estate Company is now open

Published Date: Thursday, March 17, 2016
The Board of Directors of Gulf Real Estate is pleased to announce that the nomination for membership of the Board of Directors for a period of three years commencing from the date of General Assembly Meeting for three years Those who own shares in the company not less than the face value of ten thousand SR and meet the statutory conditions and willing to nominate are kindly requested to fill in the following documents: –

filling out the nomination form, which can be obtained from the company’s Web site at:

Download a nomination application form

A copy of the national identity of the individuals and contact numbers
Biography of the candidate
A letter to join the Board of Directors

Download Letter – Individual

Download Letter – represent another party

And send it to the company before the end of working day on Thursday 29/06/1437 – 07/04/2016 to the following address:
Gulf Real Estate Company – Head Office – Director of Administration and shareholders Affairs
P.O Box 300718 Riyadh 11372
Tel 01-4648210 Fax 01-2932144
The applications for membership of the Board of Directors will be reviewed and voted upon the company’s next Meeting after the approval of corporate governance department in the Ministry of Commerce on the names of the candidates.

Note that the report of the Board of Directors, the financial statements for the company and the invitation for Board of Directors nomination have been published in ALEQTISADIA newspaper ,Edition number 8193 on Thursday 08 Jumada II 1437 – 17/03/2017

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